Comprehensive Genomic Profiling without Compromises

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A broad pan-cancer assay that enables comprehensive genomic profiling without compromises

Comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) leverages next-generation sequencing (NGS) to simultaneously profile hundreds of genes for key biomarkers associated with research of targeted therapies and immunotherapies, in a single assay. Current on-market research solutions for CGP are limited by high sample input requirements that impede successful testing. Up to 25% of samples fail or are not tested due to insufficient input material, resulting in quantity not sufficient (QNS) readings. With the Ion Torrent™ Oncomine™ Comprehensive Assay Plus, you don’t have to worry about insufficient samples or QNS.

Requiring only 20 ng FFPE sample input, the Oncomine Comprehensive Assay Plus helps minimize these barriers to testing.  You can now profile over 500 genes across all classes of somatic variants, key immuno-oncology biomarkers such as TMB and MSI, and analyze mutational processes or signatures in one workflow, to deliver a comprehensive genomic profile from each sample.

Additionally, this assay is compatible with your existing Ion GeneStudio S5 Plus and Prime Systems, enabling you to easily expand your Oncomine tesing menu. Download the flyer to learn more.


  • Comprehensive profiling—profile hundreds of genes simultaneously for relevant insights from somatic variants, key immuno-oncology (IO) biomarkers, and mutational signatures in one workflow, using a single assay

  • Somatic mutational analysis—detect all variant classes (SNVs, indels, CNVs, fusions, splice variants), key IO biomarkers, and analyze mutational processes or signatures

  • Immuno-oncology applications—study potential response to immunotherapies with TMB assessment and determine predisposition to genetic hypermutability by comparing MSI regions 

  • Low input requirements—low FFPE sample inputs of 20 ng DNA or RNA is sufficient for profiling over 500 genes, with fewer failed results

  • High testing success—low quantity not sufficient (QNS) readings and high sequencing success rates of >95% means more samples are successfully tested  

  • Bioinformatics pipeline—streamlined bioinformatics analysis pipeline is optimized for the Oncomine Comprehensive Assay Plus and packaged in a user-friendly experience

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