Accelerate your path to insights with our growing suite of NGS solutions for hemato-oncology research 

Hematological disorders are complex, heterogeneous diseases with many oncogenic drivers and subtypes.  Acute forms of hematological malignancies are very aggressive and can proliferate rapidly. Getting fast, accurate, and meaningful insights is essential in helping to advance our understanding of these disorders.

Traditionally, the analysis of myeloid and lymphoid malignancy samples involved numerous single-gene tests, multiple technologies, and fragmented workflows, which can be time-consuming and laborious.

Now there is a better solution. NGS testing enables you to consolidate and streamline your workflows, providing faster turnaround time (TAT), higher sensitivity, and potentially higher detection yield.

Our portfolio of Oncomine hemato-oncology research assays is growing.  Whether you're interested in the assessment of myeloid or lymphoid malignancy samples, we provide the comprehensive suite of tools you need to simplify and expedite your path to answers.


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Dr. Michael Rauh from Queen's University discusses the role and impact of NGS for profiling malignancies such as AML and MDS.  

Dr. Bekim Sadikovic discusses how they can assess a range of variants for myeloid malignancies using a single assay.

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