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Because this fight needs the latest technology and most insightful answers. That’s why we created Oncomine Solutions, an integrated next-generation sequencing-based approach carefully designed for oncology labs—easy to implement and easy to use. Now any hospital can bring the power of Oncomine Solutions to their in-house laboratory, provide molecular insights to inform the most critical decisions, and realize the promise of precision oncology.

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NTRK Fusion Testing Webinar

NTRK fusion testing in lung cancer – another reason to implement broad molecular profiling

With the emergence of a new class of targeted precision oncology therapies, NTRK fusions are increasingly becoming biomarkers that pathology laboratories can test for in FFPE tumor tissue. Although there are different testing options available such as IHC or FISH, NGS seems to be the preferred choice based on new guidelines. Register now to join us in discussing the pros and cons of different methods with the bigger picture in mind – the progress of precision oncology.


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