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A next-generation sequencing bioinformatics solution
for oncology research



Reporting & Analysis Challenges in Oncology Research

Generating clear and concise oncology research reports that contain accurate information in a timely manner is a formidable challenge. As the number of biomarker-driven therapy approvals increases, managing the targeted therapies for each type of cancer and updating this information from multiple sources becomes difficult and impractical.



Today’s challenges include:

  • A growing number of oncology biomarkers with potential utility
  • Multiple global sources of information that  are not standardized
  • Variants identified via next-generation sequencing (NGS) need to be accurately associated to relevant information



An NGS Reporting Solution for Cancer Research 

Oncomine Reporter is a reporting software solution developed with a streamlined three-step workflow. It delivers easy access to vital information which enables the contextual investigation of sample-specific variants with respect to labels, guidelines, current clinical trials, and peer-reviewed literature.



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Oncomine Reporter - Integrated Reporting for Solid Tumor and Myeloid Somatic Variants

Advancements in NGS technology today have resulted in streamlined, near end-to-end processes requiring minimal touch points by the performing scientist. One of these touchpoints remaining is the handling and analysis of data generated by NGS. In this discussion, we will cover our clinical laboratories historic usage of reporting software, including how those have developed over the years.

David Seidman

Dr. David Seidman, Ph.D., MB (ASCP)cm
Scientific Director, Molecular Diagnostics and Serology Laboratories with Sentara Healthcare Laboratory Services




User Friendly Software

Easily create reports to your specifications, on your timeline, complete in three steps.



NGS support for solid tumor hematological cancers including SNVs, Indels, Fusions, CNVs with TMB, LOH,
MSI and HRR.


Fully Customizable Reports

Get all relevant information in a concise and customized report.


Global Content

Global information aggregated and delivered specifically
for your use.

From Variants to a Final Report in 3 Steps

Workflow templates enable streamlined access to a final report in three fast and easy steps: review, filter, and report.

Step 1



Get results from Solid Tumor, Liquid Biopsy, hematological cancer research, cytogenetics runs.

Step 2



Customize results by selecting specific samples as well as filtering on data sources, location, and other parameters.

Step 3



Design templates to show the data that is most valuable to you in templates that are available in 10 languages.

Customizable Reports to Fit Your Needs

Oncomine Reporter has an easy-to-use interface with filtering options based on data source, cancer type, and clinical trial location. Role-based user profiles provide the flexibility to standardize workflows for operators in laboratory environments.

The report builder enables you to select and order the sections of the report. This flexibility lets you create reports that contain only summary information or as much detail as you need.

> See NGS Report Example



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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.