NGS in Precision Oncology — What Every Clinician Should Know

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Advancing precision oncology requires effective biomarker testing and actionable insights that drive better patient outcomes.  With next-generation sequencing (NGS) testing in your hospital, you can get the insights you need when you need them — in days, not weeks.

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Allergy Testing

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5 ways that in-house NGS in your pathology lab helps to optimize testing and improve patient outcomes

1.  It's faster.  Start patients on the right treatment sooner.

Outsourcing NGS testing often entails wait times of weeks with corresponding treatment delays.  With in-house NGS, your pathologists can deliver comprehensive results in 5 days or less.  

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2.  It requires less sample.  Provides answers for more patients.

Multigene NGS assays mean more patients can be successfully tested without the need for rebiopsies. But not all NGS is the same. 

Explore how different methods vary - talk to your pathologist about NGS methods next time you get "QNS" instead of a result.  

3.  It's actionable.  Facilitates patient access to treatments and clinical trials.  

Targeted panels give you actionable insights for the biomarkers that enable you to match patients to approved treatments or clinical trials. 

Targeted panels are a great option, especially compared to expensive outsourced tests that often provide thousands of meaningless data points. 

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4.  It improves care coordination.  Keeps sample and testing expertise onsite.  

With your sample and testing expertise onsite, your multidisciplinary team is always empowered with the information they need to tailor patient treatments for better outcomes.  

5.  It helps contain costs, save time, and enhance efficiency.  

Did you know that traditional, sequential single-gene testing can cost as much or more than a NGS multigene assay?  In-house NGS can help you save time and money.  

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What do the guidelines say?

Clinical guidelines strongly recommend NGS panel testing to quickly assess patients and develop care plans.  

Third-party lab utilization - is it sustainable long term?

Outsourcing was a logical choice in the early days of biomarker testing when there were only a few known biomarkers. 

Today, as the number of new biomarkers continues to escalate, along with the development of associated therapies, the need for NGS testing continues to intensify. 

Fortunately, technology has advanced in parallel so that hospitals can easily bring highly automated NGS in-house to benefit patients, maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

NGS and precision oncology

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