The promise of One-day in-house NGS in every cancer center



IntegraConnect Study

Genomic profiling-directed therapy improves patient outcomes - retrospective study results

525 newly diagnosed stage IV NSCLC patients harboring actionable oncogenic drivers1 were included and the findings suggest that treatment outcomes were significantly compromised in patients who initiated treatment (Chemo, IO or Chemo+IO) before their genomic profiling results were reported, compared to the control group of patients who initiated treatment after receiving their genomic profiling results.




TAT of 3-days or less is now a reality

Recent real-world study in community hospital setting reported amplicon-based NGS can provide genomic profiling results with a routine TAT of 3-days or less. 



This study evaluated the feasibility of in-house fast NGS in a streamlined workflow at a community hospital on 578 consecutive solid tumor samples covering different cancer types, including lung cancer, melanoma, and colorectal carcinoma.





Precision Oncology for All Patients

Genomic profiling in precision oncology is transforming cancer care. But long waiting periods for biomarker test results from the lab can delay treatment decisions.

Explore how fast in house genomic profiling changes the oncology patients journey and helps to improve their outcomes.



The Benefits of keeping molecular testing in-house as viewed by experts from around the globe

Democratization of NGS is the key to accelerating cancer care. 

ngs-experts-globe copy



"Significantly shorter time to results enables faster and optimal treatment decisions."



"It improves care coordination between multidisciplinary teams, leading to true personalized medicine."



"Small sample requirement provides biopsy stewardship,
“tissue saving”."



"Allows for the development of local expertise in biomarker testing to support the future of precision medicine."


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