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Oncomine Solutions offer end-to-end clinical research-grade workflows that address specific challenges when implementing NGS for oncology research

• Ion Torrent Genexus and Ion Torrent GeneStudio workflows to enable every lab and every application

• Broad assay menu, including small and large panels with targets for key applications

• Smallest sample input requirements in the industry = many more samples can be analyzed

• Complete bioinformatics solution

• Unrivaled customer support that you won't find elsewhere, with valuable services such as analytical validation


Broad assay menu for all key oncology applications

As precision oncology advances, it is increasingly important to enable rapid and efficient molecular research. A multi-format test can provide the most information in the shortest time, helping to keep your research on pace. Using Oncomine Solutions, you can conduct a range of clinical oncology research protocols with one instrument in a single, end-to-end verified workflow.

Oncomine Solutions provide targeted and pan-cancer assays for biomarker testing from FFPE tissue and blood samples. In addition to initial biomarker testing, liquid biopsy can be used for monitoring tumor heterogeneity, and the detection of cancer progression. For immuno-oncology research, Tumor Mutation Burden (TMB) quantitative assays can enable patient selection and stratification. Oncomine Solutions is one suite of tools for all your research needs.

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Get Results for More of your Samples 

In oncology research, tissue is still an issue.  A high proportion of samples are very small, low in tumor content, and in nucleic acid quality and quantity.  

With other NGS technologies, this is a big problem that leads to more than 20% of samples not being suitable for the test, or returning QNS (quantity not sufficient) results. 

Not with Oncomine Solutions.  The low sample requirements, and robust Ampliseq and Ampliseq HD technology, mean that a majority of samples can be tested successfully. 

See how different sample requirements can affect your ability to get results. View Infographic

Automated end-to-end workflows to fit every laboratory application

With Oncomine Solutions, you have options. Choose the sequencer that offers the right combination of throughput, automation, and applications for your laboratory. The Ion Torrent Genexus System features a hands-off specimen-to-report workflow that enables you to profile key solid tumor biomarkers from FFPE tissue or a liquid biopsy in a single day. With the Ion Torrent GeneStudio and Ion Torrent Chef, get a highly automated and scalable workflow for Oncomine assays, including a full suite of ctDNA, hematology, and immuno-oncology assays.  

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Oncomine Reporter

With Oncomine Solutions, you get a streamlined bioinformatics analysis pipeline optimized for each Oncomine assay—all packaged in a user-friendly experience. 

The Oncomine Reporter delivers clear and concise reports that present biomarkers with relevant evidence.

The report format is fully customizable, allowing you to easily develop a solution fit for your  team's needs.   

Carefully curated gene targets for precision oncology research

The Oncomine assay content is composed of key cancer driver gene variants.  These can include mutations in EGFR (L858R, T790M and Exon 19 deletions), BRAF, KRAS, ERBB2, and MET, fusions involving ALK, ROS1, RET, and NTRK1/2/3, and many other alterations relevant to clinical oncology research.

The content is selected by the Oncology informatics team based on proprietary databases, peer-reviewed literature, competitive and industry data, and confirmed with industry-leading pharmaceutical partners.

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Specialized support — with us you're never alone

A team of dedicated Oncomine Solutions Applications Specialists ensures you always have answers when you need them. Working with you, our team can analyse your laboratory’s needs, establish the right solution, provide a real-time practical demonstration, and train your staff. And our support doesn’t end after implementation. We are always just a phone call away, whether you need to start a new application, have questions about the informatics, need support for accreditation, or anything else. 

As part of our end-to-end commitment, we can also provide Analytical Validation (AV) services – technical project management of your lab’s AV to help verify that assays meet required parameters. This includes development and optimization of your validation workflow, data analysis support, and template documentation to fully maximize your instrument and reagent investment. 

On average, we can help you complete the validation process 62–75% faster than without support; and by supplying control samples, data analysis, and reporting, we can help reduce your analytical validation costs by up to 50%.

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