NTRK fusion testing

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NTRK fusion testing

NTRK gene fusions can drive unregulated cell growth and proliferation in a range of cancer types. Recently, this pathway gained significant focus and attention in precision oncology. 

Next-Generation Sequencing provides the most comprehensive view across a large number of genes and can identify NTRK gene fusions as well as other relevant alterations, with minimal sample tissue needed.


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NTRK fusion testing in lung cancer – another reason to implement broad molecular profiling

With the emergence of a new class of targeted precision oncology therapies, NTRK fusions are increasingly becoming biomarkers that laboratories may test for in FFPE tumor tissue. Although there are different testing options available such as IHC or FISH, NGS seems to be the preferred choice based on new guidelines. Register now to join us in discussing the pros and cons of different methods with the bigger picture in mind – the progress of precision oncology.

March 21, 2019

16:00 GMT/ 9:00am PDT / 12:00pm EDT

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Oncomine NTRK Solutions Flyer

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We offer several NGS-based, multibiomarker assays for clinical research designed to simultaneously detect gene fusions, such as NTRK1, NTRK2 and NTRK3, as well as hundreds of DNA and RNA-based genomic alterations associated with cancer. They include: Oncomine Comprehensive Assay, Oncomine Focus Assay, and the Oncomine Childhood Cancer Research Assay.

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