NTRK fusion testing

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NTRK fusion testing

NTRK gene fusions can drive unregulated cell growth and proliferation in a range of cancer types. Recently, this pathway gained significant focus and attention in precision oncology. 

Next-Generation Sequencing provides the most comprehensive view across a large number of genes and can identify NTRK gene fusions as well as other relevant alterations, with minimal sample tissue needed.


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Oncomine NTRK Solutions Flyer

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We offer several NGS-based, multibiomarker assays for clinical research designed to simultaneously detect gene fusions, such as NTRK1, NTRK2 and NTRK3, as well as hundreds of DNA and RNA-based genomic alterations associated with cancer. They include: Oncomine Comprehensive Assay, Oncomine Focus Assay, and the Oncomine Childhood Cancer Research Assay.

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