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2022 European Association for Hematology (EHA) Virtual Symposium On-Demand

21st Meeting of the European Association for Hematology (EHA)

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we have developed advanced next-generation sequencing solutions to address key challenges in the molecular analysis of hematologic malignancies.

Watch our virtual symposium on demand to learn how we can help simplify your path to answers in the study of myeloid and lymphoid cancer.

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Virtual Symposium Presentations


Speed And Simplicity: Molecular Profiling Of Myeloid Malignancies Using Next Generation Sequencing


Presenter: Marianne Grantham

Head of Cytogenetics and Molecular Haematology,
Barts Health NHS Trust, UK

The impact of fast NGS molecular profiling in myeloid malignancy research


Presenter: Dr. Dolors Colomer

Head of Hematopathology
Hospital Clinic, IDIBAPS, University of Barcelona, Spain

Adopting rapid NGS for the study of Haemato-oncology malignancies


Presenters: Dr Lihui Wang, Molecular Lead, HODS

Dr. Geetha Menon Clinical Director, HODS

Cheshire & Merseyside Cancer Network, Liverpool, UK

Featured Solutions

Oncomine Myeloid Assay GX v2

The first myeloid genomic profiling solution that can deliver an NGS report, covering all key DNA and RNA targets, in as little as one day on the Ion Torrent Genexus System.


Oncomine Pan-Clonality Assays

Advanced NGS solutions that can sequence multiple B- and T-cell receptor targets in a single reaction for highly sensitive and specific clone detection.


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Rapid Next-Generation Sequencing for the Study of Acute Myeloid Leukemia


Dr. Diana Morlote

University of Alabama at Birmingham


During this presentation, Dr. Diana Morlote, assistant professor of pathology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, will discuss the recent implementation of a rapid, automated next-generation sequencing (NGS) assay in her research laboratory for genomic profiling of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and other related hematological disorders. The data collected from several cases using the Oncomine Myeloid Assay GX v2 by Thermo Fisher Scientific will be presented. Analytical performance will be discussed for various key mutations detected using DNA inputs. Morlote will describe how this solution addresses key challenges with molecular analysis of AML and other related malignancies. This research furthers our understanding of malignant hematological disorders and may lead to better care in the future.






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One complete NGS system

The Ion Torrent Genexus System is the first turnkey next-generation sequencing (NGS) solution that automates the end-to-end workflow from the biological specimen all the way to the final report and delivers results in as little as a single day.







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