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Integrated NGS analysis tools for clonality testing



Lymphoid malignancies involve the clonal proliferation of one or more B or T cells.

Clonality testing of clinical research samples often uses capillary electrophoresis (CE); but this method has limitations, like missing the clone of interest if there are various clones with sequences of the same size.

NGS overcomes these limitations with higher specificity and sensitivity—an LoD of as low as 10–6—and the ability to provide the sequence of B or T cell receptors for all clones in a sample.

Simplify NGS clone detection with our integrated Ion Reporter™ Software. This fully automated solution comes with unique, interactive visualization tools to streamline interpretation.

In this software demo, led by R&D director Dr. Geoffrey Lowman, you can see these powerful analysis tools in action and learn more about our bioinformatics solutions for immune repertoire sequencing.


Presenter: Geoffrey Lowman, PhD

Staff Scientist, Molecular Biology
Thermo Fisher Scientific



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