Unraveling Cancer Genomics

While we are scheduling a new series of 2020 User Meetings, we are pleased to share some of the many great customer presentations from 2019 which span across applications of our Oncomine Solutions

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Oncomine User Meetings

Join us during one of our meetings to learn about the latest developments on our side, share experience and ideas, and network with your peers.

  • Immune Gene Expression, Bayesian Network and Genetic Mutation Analysis in Advanced NSCLC Treated with Immunotherapy

    Dr. Sara Baglivo - Perugia, Italy

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  • Biomarkers for Immuno-Oncology: Tumour Mutational Load and Beyond

    Dr. Philip Jermann - Basel, Switerzland

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  • NTRK Fusion: The Importance of Detection

    Dr. Julie Dremaux - Amies, France

  • Extending the Scope: Driving Change in Solid Tumor

    Dr. Gareth Gerrard - London, UK

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  • cfDNA Analysis in a Molecular Pathology Laboratory

    Dr. Jose Luis Costa - Porto, Portugal

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  • Circulating Cell Free Nucleic Acid: From Blood to Biomarker

    Dr. Robyn Marshall - Pretoria, South Africa

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  • How to Apply NGS-Based Tests to Myeloid Malignancies Biomarker

    Dr. Maria Roumelioti - Athens, Greece

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  • The Oncomine Multi-Dimensional Biomarker Analysis for Future Precision Oncology:  Solid and Blood Malignancies

    Dr. Estrid Høgdall - Denmark

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  • Integrated Report Using the Ion Reporter and Oncomine Reporter

    Dr. Ingrid Vogelaar - Netherlands

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