Oncomine Oncology Posters at the

2021 Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) - Annual Meeting and Expo



Increasing the Throughput of NGS Assays for Detection of Oncology Variants, Gene Fusion Events, & Key Oncological Research Endpoints

This poster described a new Genexus Chip that delivers over twice the number of reads of the existing GX5 Chip which better enables key oncology assays for accurate detection of hotspot variants to better investigate important oncological research goals.

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Increasing Positive Clonality Detection Rate in Multiple Myeloma Research Samples Using NGS Characterization of Multiple B cell Receptors in a Single Reaction

This poster demonstrates the utility of a novel Ion AmpliSeq-assay for combined clonality analysis of B cell receptor heavy and light chains, which enables efficient detection of IGH, IGK, and IGL chain rearrangements in a single reaction.

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Fast development of large customized targeted RNA fusions panels for NGS platforms

We have created an automated pipeline to generate customized multiplex RNA fusion assays for targeted next-generation sequencing. The pipeline allows for the fast creation of large panels to detect thousands of gene fusions target.

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Investigating mutations in Homologous Recombination Repair (HRR) Genes with genomic loss of heterozygosity (LOH) to characterize cause and consequence of HRD

We developed a comprehensive genomic profiling assay that supports genomic %LOH as one measurement of HRD. Combining HRR pathway status with genomic instability in the same targeted NGS assay enables measurement of both cause and consequence of HRD and will advance HRD translational research for the future of precision medicine.

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Splice site and exon deletion variants detection with Oncomine RNA sequencing research panel

We demonstrate exon deletion and splice site detection technology with an expanded RNA sequencing Oncomine panel that includes over a thousand of gene fusion targets and assays for novel fusion detection.

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Development of an automated genomic profiling assay for myeloid malignancies research

We demonstrated accurate reporting of multiple variant types, and the ability to obtain data within 24 hours from nucleic acid to report with minimal manual intervention using Oncomine Myeloid Assay GX on the Genexus™ Integrated Sequencer.

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